Tuesday, 26 March 2013

not sure it is worth doing a blog, as I doubt if anyone will see this but never mind. I painted this one today....still struggling with acrylics , so today I watered them down to be like watercolours and the edges spread. What started out as a 6x8" painting ended up by nearly covering the whole of the A4 canvas...lol..

Monday, 11 March 2013

well the weather has turned cold again and there have been flurries of snow on and off all day....but also blue skies and sunshine. I was able to find some time to paint today, so here are my paintings..

Friday, 8 March 2013

I have had a busy week with larger paintings.....mind you, I am a bit concerned with the new price rises that the post office are bringing in, in April....it might mean I have to stick with smaller works of art. Here are the ones I painted this week


Monday, 4 March 2013

I realise that I am quite a prolific painter and usually paint 4 or 5 miniature paintings at a time.....it has always been the same with me...even when I was crocheting, I could make a lady's jacket in a whole day. I paid for the large output of crochet because now my left wrist won't bend and can sometimes be painful.......RSI...repetitive strain injury....mixed with arthritis. Luckily my painting is not affected in any way and I like to start and finish paintings in one session.
Every time i finish the paintings I download them onto my facebook page, both my personal page and my business page. Recently facebook have changed the way they display downloads and they group 4 of my paintings into a block which looks really good. However, for some reason, on my business page, they are just shown as individual works. When I show my work I also show them on the few groups that I belong to (on facebook). A few days ago one of the members of one of the groups sent me a private email asking me NOT to show so many paintings as it monopolised the group and to PLEASE not show them twice or individually. This is NOT of my doing.....facebook has been automatically showing the individual pics without me knowing it(thus duplicating my showings). This of course upset me and as I have no control over what facebook does, I have felt it necessary to leave the group involved. This is very sad . I refuse to limit the number of paintings that I put on my OWN pages. This upset has made me wonder if people groan when I show my work on other pages? I realise that I paint and show a LOT of work but surely this is what these pages are for. I always do my best to comment and like other people's work and not just post and run.....
Life is too short for nastiness and as such I have backed off from a lot of what I have been doing....very sad.

BUT...this is MY BLOG and MY PAGE, so here are the FOUR paintings that I did today...