Thursday, 18 August 2011


Today I have done an abstract aceo.  I have been looking at my etsy shop and I feel that it looks a bit dull. This in mind , I have decided to save the etsy website for more colourful encaustics and abstracts and leave the landscapes for ebay and Folksy. My ebay listings can be found through my website (sorry the link to ME no longer works) but the ebay one does  I also have lots of landscapes in my Folksy shop 
Etsy is mainly US based and prices are listed in $'s...but I have made many fabulous friends through etsy and seen some wonderful artwork in the etsy shops. Folksy is UK only and is a lovely friendly shopping site where you can buy handmade gifts of every sort that you can imagine. I list at lower prices on ebay but you have to be prepared for a bidding war and might end up paying slightly more (or slightly less)...swings and roundabouts.
My venture into abstracts is fairly new to me but I am always willing to learn. Two years ago I had never really painted a landscape and now I love doing them. So I am hoping the same will happen with the is a learning curve.
I have noticed on tv that there is nearly always an abstract painting on walls in houses and offices....more reason to have a go !!
I hope you like this new abstract aceo, which is now available in my etsy shop...just $5 (which amounts to something like £3.13...give or take a penny or two...depending on the exchange rate )


At 18 August 2011 at 13:46 , Blogger Margaret said...

It's funny how even your abstracts are definitely yours!lol Must be the colour maybe.....?!


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