Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Today, I am encluding a link to my ebay to self

I offer my paintings at rock bottom prices because I want everyone to have a change to own some original art without emptying their bank accounts. Maybe one day I will ask for higher prices, so here is your opportunity !!
It is cold outside I shall stay home and paint.
My new Frank Clarke paintbrush arrived today, so now I can do some larger paintings. All my brushes are tiny as I have been painting aceos for years now. Aceos , for those of you who don't know are miniature paintings that measure just 2.5" x 3.5". People collect them and display them in photo albums. The movement was started in the US by people who loved collecting art but had limited wall space and funds.....
Here is a new one from me for today..not sure why it uploaded twice but I also don't know how to remove one of the This painting has been created using melted wax on the bottom of a tiny travel iron...the results of encaustic art can be amazing and beautiful


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