Tuesday, 9 August 2011


well there is actually some blue sky outside...I live in hope. ...are we ever going to get some summer?. September is fast approaching and that to me means the start of Autumn !!
Last night I managed to get two paintings done and I hope to do some more today....I try to average out at about two a day. Some days I don't paint and other days I do 5 or 6.
I am still waiting for the paintbrush to arrive. I ordered it nearly 3 weeks ago and was told that it was posted to me last Thursday. The post office is not good lately !!!  YET...if I post a letter SECOND class, it gets there the next day ! Doesn't make any sense to me. Last year we an sent item recorded delivery and did a track and trace.....it never arrived....even though it was supposed to be signed for. When I enquired at the post office, I was told that recorded delivery didn't mean that they guaranteed it would be delivered !!!!!
Here is another painting from me...this one, is one of my waterfall series.....they have proven to be very popular....


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