Friday, 12 August 2011


well another miserable day....will we ever see summer.
Went to the Range today and bought a tube of white gouache and a tiny palette knife.  They have a fantastic range of art items in there. All I need now is more time to paint....and some ideas.
Tomorrow I shall watch the amazing Hashim Akib on Create and Craft. He does the most amazing art demos on the show....very inspiring and a very talented man. I would have loved to have spent my life painting and earning money from selling my work...and possibly teaching. When I left school, I wanted to go to Art School but you needed Maths O level to get in and for me that was not a possibility !!! Mum said I needed to get a sensible office job as Art was NOT a job....more of a I never went. Sad really because I am sure life would have been more fulfilling. I AM lucky that I was able to vere off in later life and go into knitwear designing which I taught at Adult Education centres in London, so I suppose in some ways I ended up as a teacher of some sort of Art. Now life seems to have gone full circle and I am back painting again. It is a big learning curve for me as I have had no professional training and am just learning by watching demos and dvd's. ....there is always something new to learn...
Here is another of my tiny paintings....


At 14 August 2011 at 10:11 , Blogger Baban Cat said...

I wanted to go to Art School too and met with a similar reaction. My mother also said that it was full of drug addicts. I went to teacher training college instead and did Textiles. I met plenty of druggies there. Even the boy who went to chapel from our village was taking them. My mother won't believe me because he was a 'nice' boy!


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