Thursday, 11 August 2011


It was so cold this morning that after getting up at 6 and seeing my daughter off to work...I went back to bed....the only warm place to
Decided it was too miserable outside to do the weekly grocery shop , so I just popped down the road and got some bread and posted off my latest ebay sales.....
I need to paint more abstract aceos as I am getting some good feedback on them. It also makes a nice change from painting is a new one from me....HAS to include purple of course...
Our poor sickly little squirrel hasn't been seen for two days now, so I fear the worst. I just hope that it is no longer suffering. There were no squirrels outside today as it has been far to cold and wet. The badger is still coming up to get food at night but we also haven't seen the baby fox for a week or more.
Tomorrow we have to go and get a new sack of bird seed as supplies are getting low. We will probably do a trip to Lidl at the same time.
For anyone who hasn't seen it before...if you like art, then tune in to Create & Craft...freeview 36 at on Saturday morning when Hashim Akib will be doing an art demonstration. If you can't access a tv you can watch the programme online   click on watch live tv.....
Hashim is a very talented artist and produces fabulous works of art in a matter of minutes !


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