Monday, 22 August 2011


Well, what a beautiful day today...wall to wall last !!!
I managed to paint three aceos. One of them I don't particularly like and so might paint over it. The other two are ok and will go into the box ready for listing. I am not sure where yet !
I also did some card making....the amount of card, paper, embellishments that I have here is almost obscene...I really need to use some of it up. I won't even think about the number of rubber stamps that I possess....certaintly several hundred of them. A lot of them have been freebies from magazines and from swaps from card making groups. I doubt if half of them will ever see an ink pad !...aah that reminds me of the boxes and boxes of inks....and the pens and pencils and glitters of every colour imaginable....mmm... is another painting that I did over the weekend...


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