Thursday, 27 October 2011


I managed to get 7 paintings done today......I am quite pleased with that...I might even get some more done this evening. Tomorrow we are going shopping, so I doubt if I will get any done then until the weekend.
I picked up another nail outside today...this is a real mystery. far I have picked up 13 masonry nails from by the front door....most of them are new and unused and some days there are none there....some days there are 2......We have checked the roof and can't see anything wrong....and nothing wrong at the front of the house where the nails keep appearing.....we have NO idea where they are coming from....our only guess left is that perhaps Magpies are picking them up and dropping them, though why they are always in the same place baffles us......We certainly have a lot of magpies in the garden...along with squirrels, badgers, foxes...etc....but Magpies, seem the most likeley.
Here is another of my fantasy paintings


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