Saturday, 22 October 2011


a nice day today....quite a bit of sunshine and a bit warmer as well.
I had my usual Saturday lie in and then took pics of my larger paintings. They are still small compared to other people's work but I am working on that....the one that I have show here is only 7" x 5" and on canvas board.
I have been having a few conversations with other artists and creative people to see if it is better to paint what OTHER people want and are likely to buy or to paint what I enjoy and then hope for customers with similar tastes , find me.
I love fantasy and I love anything purple, especially with a touch of glitter and so that is what I have been doing in the last few days. I quite like doing the landscapes, but green and brown just isn't ME !!
This painting is going on ebay this evening and will be there for 7 days at £9.99 I think that is a fair price for something that took me a few hours. I just hope it sells. You can see it by going to my static website and clicking on the ebay link....(after 8pm tonight !)



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