Friday, 7 October 2016

this last week I have been playing with my new die cutting machine. I have held back from getting one for many years as I still had the original red sizzix machine and was loathe to just "dump" it. However, people no longer made the big fat dies and so I decided that I would like a new one.
My lovely hubby agreed to treat me to one and I settled on the Big Shot plus because it takes all sizes and makes of dies.
Being a rebel I really didn't want to churn out items like everyone else did and so hubby also treated me to some lovely flower dies from Sheena Douglass. You can buy co-ordinating rubber stamps to go with the dies but that is NOT my style. I cut out the petals and leaves for the flowers and decided to paint each one by hand. that meant that each one would be unique with different markings and colours. I made one up into a greetings card and it sold straight away....
I made another one and first I painted a background with acrylic paints. I wanted my cards to be artistic and different. That one sold straight away as well. I am now in the process of making a few more.
As I paint a lot of landscapes, sometimes I need a change and so I decided to paint a few of my cartoon cards and am in the process of making a few more.


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