Monday, 11 February 2013

well, as this is my blog I can put my thoughts down here.
At the weekend, one of the etsy teams that I was on, decided to close as it was too difficult to manage. The leaders of the team decided to set up a new team and only invite 150 CHOSEN people to join the new team.
This was very hurtful to those who were not chosen...a bit like saying, thanks for being on our team but we no longer want you.
The idea of the new team is focussed on promoting each other...which is all well and good but a lot of people do not have the time or knowledge to tweet, pin and make treasuries.
There was also a team charter where before you clicked to join, you had to read and agree had to promise to promote for at least one hour a week and then go back once a month and report on what you had done to promote other people and the team...oh and it said that IF for any reason you were ill or had problems, as long as you notified the team leaders they would make allowances...oh HOW KIND OF THEM.
I personally find this all outrageous. I left school in 1963 and  I do not need someone smacking my hand if I fail to comply.
I think they have made a BIG mistake.
What they should have done was to close the first group....that is understandable.
The start a new group and let people apply to join...NOT have a meeting and decide who will be sent an invitation....
They haven't considered the hurt and upset that this has caused a lot of people
I wish the group well but I feel it is destined to fail.


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