Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Had a pleasant trip to town today....had beans on toast in a cafe and spent a lot of time chatting to people we know......rarely manage to walk around town without seeing someone ......
My Uncle phoned to tell us that my Auntie had arrived from Canada and the family are all going out for a meal on Sunday....17 of us, so that is something to look forward to,
Not done any painting today but I am still keeping to my schedule....I managed to take pics of some new artwork and put them on flickr.....
I also need to list some new items on ebay. I had two sales on etsy today and I worked out that I had sold over £70 worth of paintings this month already....
There is a discussion on one of the forums about whether painting aceos is worth it....BUT as I pointed out...If I did a larger painting and sold it for £70 after two weeks, I would be what is the difference in selling some tiny ones and getting the same money......I REST MY CASE.
if you want to see my ebay listings , go to my website and click on the ebay link..
Here is another aceo..


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