Monday, 2 January 2012


Today I forgot to put the dustbins out....aaargh....actually I didn't forget, I thought that they would come tomorrow. For 16 years when Monday has been a Bank Holiday the council has collected our rubbish on a I assumed the same would apply this week. MY fault because I didn't check the card that they put through the door. I DID check it last week, ....the collection was Tuesday as usual...but THIS week it was Monday. NOW...I have a dustbin that is full to overflowing and the next collection is not for another TWO weeks !!!!......aaaargh.....the bin will be honking...I am just glad that it isn't summer !!
I have done four more paintings today....(4 yesterday, so I am keeping up the production line)....
As long as I keep in profit, then I will continue to list....
My ebay listings can be accessed by clicking on the left hand link in my website

and I have new listings in my etsy shop...   and in my folksy shop is a new painting from me



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