Friday, 23 December 2011

Friday 23rd December 2011

well Christmas is nearly here and I think we have done all that we need to do....we didn't do much shopping...after all, it is only ONE day !!!! In fact the shops were quiet today and not many people around, so either they were at work or have already left for other destinations.
I had a beautiful calendar from an artist friend in Oz today and she put on the bottom.
"Love what you paint, and others will love it too!"
That is going to be my motto for 2012.
I have often tried to paint in a style that I wasn't all that comfortable with and it never now for next year, I am going with what "I" like to do and not what other people expect......if they don't like it then that is their loss and not mine.
I had two people comment on my artwork this week...both I am sure were well intentioned but sometimes criticism hurts...especially if you didn't ASK for comment told me that I should find more of a focal point in my work and the other said  "This is one of your better paintings!"...which made it sound like the others were no good.....I am sure they didn't intend to hurt my feelings but they did. I felt like going back and telling them that I had loads of emails saying that people liked my work and that I had earned £1000 this year, selling my art. in the scheme of things that is not a lot, especially as that is the takings and I have to deduct expenses from that but it proves to me that there are people out there who like my work.
I never criticise other people's work as art to me is doing something that gives you pleasure and as the saying is in the eye of the beholder......
Here is a painting that I did yesterday


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