Monday, 30 January 2012


well what a horrid day.....hardly slept because I was worried in case the snow settled. I had to take the car to the garage today to get work done on it...only 7000 miles on the clock and failed the MOT on 4 things....scandalous. The garage took the car in to do the work...5 HOURS later they came in and said that they couldn't fix the hooter as the dealers had sent the wrong part !!!!! they said I would have to go back NEXT Monday.....what?????. the MOT failure meant that I could not drive the car until it has a pass certificate....
Then the mechanics found a similar hooter and said they could fix it......20 mins later they came back and said that it didn't fit either......and I would HAVE to go back next week......I was really angry by now ...then all of a sudden the mechanic came in and said it was just a loose connection and he had fixed it !!
I was at the garage for 6 1/2 hours !!! and then I found Ihad 3 cd's missing....I think they may have removed them while they did the work and forgot to put them tomorrow not only do I have to go to my local garage for the retest, but phone up the main dealer to see if they have my cd's.....
roll on tomorrow, it can only get better


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