Tuesday, 24 January 2012


not a happy bunny today...took the car into the garage for a service and its FIRST MOT
3947 paces from the garage back home !!...all UPHILL....puff puff
Nightmare, the garage phoned...it has failed its MOT on THREE counts. I have only done 7000 miles in it.
It is still under warranty, so bless the bloke at my garage...he is going to service it for me. He phoned the proton garage (20 miles away) and checked the warranty....they have ordered all the parts to fix it. When they are in, then I will have to take it over there and get it fixed (free)...then go BACK to MY little garage for the MOT.
My garage said that whoever put the headlight in hadn't put it in properly !!!! (THAT was the proton dealer !!)...
I am NOT very happy but what can I do...this car (and the one before) has been a nightmare from the day we got it.
So not only will I have the aggro of the walk today, but also it will have to go in twice more ......good job I don't have to go to work !!!!!!!
NEVER BUY A PROTON CAR !!!!!! (the one we had before had to go back because all the doors jammed and we couldn't get in it) and this one has been in so many times it is ridiculous !!


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