Thursday, 29 September 2011


Today I went to the hobbies and stitches exhibition in Cardiff. We got up early and caught the 9.45 am train. Arried in Cardiff and first stop was a nice cuppa and a visit to the
We had seen all the stall within an hour, so we had another cupp and then went round again. I bought some nice paper punches, some pinflair glue and a Debbie Moore cdrom for making bags and boxes....I love making bags and boxes !! I also found a lady doing encaustics on fabric and what fascinated me was her tiny iron. I have the regulation encaustic one which costs about £20...for a long time I have thought of getting a spare in case mine broke (this is my third one)...or in case someone wants a lesson. The lady very kindly told me that it came from M&S and was only £5.
I checked out the internet and sure enough there was the iron ...£5....that is now on my shopping list....always good to have a spare.
On the train coming home there were signal problems and so we sat on a non moving train for over 20 minutes, so we were very tired when we gone indoors.
Now I can sit and enjoy my goodies !!!
Here is another of the ones that I did over the weekend.


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