Friday, 2 November 2012

I am so disappointed with Folksy.....the sales on there haven't been good since last November when they changed all their settings but I have hung on hoping for things to improve.
I decided that as Christmas is looming I would give it an all our last go.....
The listing fee on Folksy is 18p which is 6p  more than etsy but Folksy is UK based and I reeally have a soft spot for it. SO I went to list this morning and it refused to download my photo....I kept getting the message..."Photo error".....after about 20 attempts...I decided that someone was trying to tell me listed the painting on etsy instead...just 12p...and no problems with exactly the SAME yet ANOTHER glitch on Folksy....such a shame...
You can view my paintings on  

also you can access my listings on ebay by clicking the link on 

Here are some of yesterday's paintings...



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