Friday, 24 August 2012

two more cards today.....I actually painted 4 and will list them in sets of two in my folksy shop.
I also had a lovely email from Helena.....THANK YOU kind of you to send me a message...People are SO nice and it really made my day.
Helena I am sending you some Welsh rain....YES, we have MORE rain today......
Perhaps if I throw some paint onto some paper and then put it outside, I could make a nice
I tried doing some of these flower paintings with acrylics but the acrylics just didn't coever the surface as much as I wanted, to I went back to watercolours/
Who would have thought that watercolours gave better coverage than acrylics?????
We went shopping to Swansea today and managed to dodge the least I had a lovely roast dinner. holiday weekend, so an extra lie in for me......


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