Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Well I have to praise etsy today. I sold a painting on their website and realised that my link to paypal was wrong and I couldn't work out how to change it....In the end I sent an email to their support team and they responded within the hour and sorted it out for me...well done Etsy....
You can view my etsy shop at    www.etsy.com/shop/teabreaks
I also took the bull by the horns today and listed some of my larger paintings on the artists and Illustrators website. I chose this particular site, because they are another company that are extremely helpful and also they are UK based, so if the paintings sell, it won't involve hassle with customs etc. my link to this website is
I also listed this painting on ebay which you can find through a link on my website (promotions day...lol)
http://www.gweddusart.co.uk/  here is the painting that I listed...it is one in encaustic wax..


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